World's Most Hardcore Fitness 

         Casrock UltraXtremo

                WARRIOR X 


Power Casrock "The World's Greatest Fat Destroyer & Body Transformer" Has Created The The Most Hardcore Fitness Program in the World! There Is Absolutely Nothing Else Like It Anywhere! If You Doubt It...Come Out & Challenge It For Yourself! This Butt Kicking Body Ripping Hybrid Workout Is Designed To Burn Well Over 2,700 Calories Per 77 Minute Mission! Fat Will Be Destroyed! Lean Muscle Will Form Where The Fat Used To Be!  You Will Become Stronger, Tougher, More Agile, & More Flexible! Your Body Will Be Pushed To Levels You Didn't Know You Had In You! This Is The Most Dynamic Fitness Program Ever Created, It's RAW! It's SAVAGE! It's The ULTIMATE!

Physical Objectives:

#1. Destroy Fat

#2. Flatten The Belly

#3. Build Muscle

#4. Increase Strength/Power

#5. Increase Agility

#6. Increase Flexibility 

#7. Increase Speed/Quickness

#8. Increase Endurance/Stamina

#9. Learn & Master Self Defense 

#10. Increase Toughness

#11. Increase Longevity 

#12. Improve Youthful Appearance

#13. Reach & Maintain Perfect Health 

Power Casrock Making Super Powerful, Super Agile, Ferocious Warriors!

These Warriors are getting Ripped, Strong, & Tough as they navigate their way thru the rugged terrain at World's Most Hardcore Fitness! No Sissy Gym Machines Ever!!!

Jungle Vine X Agility Training & Extreme Power Running To Destroy All Body Fat While Increasing Speed & Strength at The World's Most Hardcore Fitness!

The World's Greatest Fat Destroyer Is Turning Bodies Into Powerful Athletic Machines Thru Raw & Savage Exercises & Instilling Disciplined & Healthy Eating Habits at The World's Most Hardcore Fitness!

Power Casrock The World's Greatest Fat Destroyer  Whips Some Marine Recruits Into Top Hardcore Survival Condition at The World's Most Hardcore Fitness!

Power Casrock The Ultimate Fitness Trainer, Is Turning His Warriors Into Powerful Fighting Machines While Destroying Fat & Sculpting Muscle at The World's Most Hardcore Fitness! 

Power Casrock The "World's Greatest Fat Destroyer"  Is Destroying Fat, Sculpting Muscle, & Transforming The Bodies Of Brave Warriors As They Try To Survive & Navigate Their Way Thru The Jungle Of Terror Of The World's Most Hardcore Fitness!
Power Casrock's Brave Warriors Are Destroying Fat And Getting Ripped Quick At The "MOST DYNAMIC" Fitness Program Ever Created!!! These Unique & Incredible Workouts Can Only Be Experienced Here at The World's Most Hardcore Fitness!
Power Casrock The World's Greatest Fat Destroyer is Blasting Fat & Ripping 6Pak Abs Thru Flying, Swinging, Climbing, & Jumping at The "Most Dynamic Fitness Program Of All Time!"
Unleash The RAGE!!! Release The STRESS!!! Power Carock's  Warriors R Beating The Hell Out Of Fat & Getting Ripped In The Jungle Of Terror at The "World's Most Kick Ass" Fitness Program!!!
The Ultimate Fitness Trainer Power Casrock Is Destroying Fat, Sculpting Muscle on Brave Warriors As They Try To Survive The "Super Intense" Fitness Program! Filmed During A Rare Cold Day In The Jungle Of Terror At The World's Most Hardcore Fitness! 

                                       Warrior X Combat Boat Race

Human Bats 

          XL Man Gorilla Press Jungle Trek

                 Heavy XBag Obstacle Trek

                      Bull Rope Tree Climb

                    Uphill 2x Power Climb 

          Upsidedown Body Sculpt Transport

                      Uphill Power X Trek

                    XL Man Tarantula Crawl

                 UltraXtremo X Squat Trek

                Tarantula Egg Tunnel Crawl
             Down Hill Caged Lobster Crawl

              Xtreme Power Agility X Jumps

            Sideways Power Agility X Jumps

                 Double Kettle 1k Water Run

                                              Swing Squats

                                           6Pak AB  Ripper

                                     Crocodile Power Crawl 

Uphill Power/Agility/Balance X Sprints...................

                       Tunnel Trek Pit Bull 2x Power Crawl 

                              Down Hill Gorilla Power Crawl  

                             Tunnel Drop Tarantula Crawl

           Downhill Tunnel Trek Pit Bull 2x Power Crawl 

If U R Brave Enough & Ready 2 Take Your Fitness 2 The Highest Level Call (352) 408-1233 or You Can Stick With Your Wimpy Gym Workouts, Sissy Machines, or the Latest Cornball Workout DVD of the Week!