World's Most Hardcore Fitness 

         Casrock UltraXtremo

                WARRIOR X 


UltraXtremo Warrior Life =  Ready To Face & Conquer Any Challenge! Facing & Surviving Hardcore Fitness Battles! Going Beyond Hardcore To Survive Brutal Warrior X Workouts! Getting Stronger, Healthier, More Agile, & Smarter Every Day, Week, Month, Year, Decade, & Century! Never Quit Mentality! Extreme Determination!

                                         2016 Warrior X Warriors  

                                    2015 Warrior X Warriors

                                          2014 Warrior X Warriors

                                            2012 Warrior X Warriors

Power Casrock "The World's Most Innovative Fitness Trainer" Has His Warriors Destroying Fat & Getting Sculpted With A Power Inducing Intestinal Fortitude Conjuring "XGMan" Team Power Race! 

Power Casrock The Creative Genius Of Fitness Has Created The Most Thrilling & Exciting Way To Blast, Burn, & Destroy Fat! Casrock's Warriors Race Up Wooded Hills Pulling His X Carts With Human Cargo In Them! Human Horse Power Is In Full Effect at The "World's Most Dynamic" Fitness Program!
This is The 1st Installment Of The "Battle 4 The Mighty X" "Some Of The Most Powerful UltraXtremo Warriors Are Featured In This Video"! 

The Infamous "Killers VS Rabbits" Is The Ultimate Workout Game, It Combines Speed, Power, Agility, Courage, & Smarts!  The Killers R The Powerful Monster Warriors & The Rabbits R The Prissy Warriors! 

UltraXtremo Warrior  =

1. Being Brave/Fearless!

2. Being Tough/Hardcore

3. Being Relentless! 

4. Being Competitive! 

5. Being Consistent!

6. Being Wild!!!

7. Being Ageless!!!

                     Ab Ripping Fly Over Competition

                       XGMan" Team Power Race 

                              UltraXtremo X Cart Racing

                                                                                     .............. "Race To The Top" Bull Rope Tree Climb 

UltraXtremo WAR GAMES: Warrior X Warriors Battle It Out In Wild Hardcore Games!   "Watch The Videos Below"